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Yoga therapy is the application of specific yoga techniques to address issues relating to an individual’s health and well being.

The objective of therapeutic yoga is achieved by identifying and resolving obstructions to the natural flow of movement and energy in the body. These obstructions can manifest as habitual holding patterns in breath, posture, connective tissue, thoughts and / or emotions.

The role of the yoga therapist is to collaborate with the client and with medical as well as alternative providers, when appropriate.

We begin with a phone consultation to determine whether I feel I can help with your issue or not. If yes, we would then set a time to meet.

Our first appointment would include an interview to apprise me of your health and personal history as well as an evaluation of your posture, breathing and flexibility. From there we would create a program including hand-drawn illustrations to help you initiate your own personal practice.

Please call or email me to set up an initial phone consultation:

847 864-9987

Single session, 1 hour: $130   
Four, 1 hour sessions: $460    effective January 2018 package of 4 1-hour sessions: $500
Semi-private and small groups, contact me for fees

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Checks preferred /Visa&Mastercard accepted

In 1990, I was moved by the terrible devastation of the AIDS epidemic. Here is an account of my experience teaching yoga for AIDS patients in an alternative clinic:

Yoga and Aids